1. Go to the App Browser (e.g Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.) and type your company/school's website URL: (companyname).skillings.io (example: globalsocialventure.skillings.io)
  2. Next, Click the Log in Button located in the upper right corner of the page

3. Once you click the Login Button, a login form will show up and you have to click the Apply as Tutor located at the bottom of the said form.

4. Once done clicking Apply as Tutor, a Sign Up form for a Tutor will show up and you have to fill in the information given by providing email address, and at least 6 alphanumeric password and once done, Click Sign Up

5. After Signing Up, it will pop up another form to continue filling up the information which contains your Personal Information, Skills and Company. After filling the other information, click Submit button

6. Once done setting up your information as a Tutor, there will be a prompt in the bottom left saying "Your application is currently in review" You will need to wait for the confirmation of the company you registered to accept your tutor application.