1. Login as an Administrator in your perspective Skillings domain
  2. Go to Settings to setup your company bank information details

3. Provide your Bank details by selecting the given bank list, provide account number and account name. Once done, click the Save button.

4. Payout is done by Wela School Systems. And it will process depends on the cut-off date depending on the Wela Company. Contact our support for more information

5. Once payout was done. it will reflect in your dashboard. Go to Wallet menu and select All Payouts. It will also reflect in your dashboard the payout information and other details.

7. You can also see details of your payout transaction. Select one transaction in payout history and click the ... icon for other details

8. Just wait for your payout to be received. Payout will be completely process either depends on the cut-off date given by the Wela company. If you don't receive any payments, contact us to address your concerns.