1. To start setup, you must login as an Administrator in your company domain Skillings
  2. After login, go to Manage Courses Dashboard located at the left side navigation bar of the page.

3. On manage course dashboard, you must click Add Course tab for you to able add courses as a bundle

4.   After that, add the course thumbnail and fill in the course title and description and if you have a course trailer you could add it in as well. After filling it up press the Next button in the bottom right.

5.   Next step is the Objectives and other information about the course. Just fill up the information you want to add or to display course information to the students. Once done, click Next.

6.   Next is the settings of the course, if you want to add and set price rate to Course Price for the fixed rate, set Price as the hourly rate of the said course (e.g $40 per hour, etc) and its currency and add no. of schedules for the course no. of days to be booked by students. Once done, click Next.

7.   For the final step of creating course, you can add expiration date of the course if this course is on promo set or in limited access. Once the course reaches its given expiration date, it will automatically hide on student side. If you wish to extend, just update the course and edit its expiry date. Schedule its when you will publish your course that's student is ready to be book for that specific course. Expiry date and Schedule is optional. After filling up course information, pricing and other features, just click Register Course

8.   Once done, the course you registered will appear on the list of course tab and appear on student side for the view of courses.